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Richard Bouillon

1927 - 1973

Due to an early death at the age of 45 in 1973, architect Richard Bouillon had a short career. Born September 27, 1927 in Seattle, Bouillon graduated from the University of Washington in 1952.  He received his architectural license on August 20, 1954.  Early in his career, he formed a short-lived partnership with fellow architect Joseph Williams and then started his own firm, Richard Bouillon & Associates in 1959. 

One of the firm’s most notable projects is the Crescent Apartments in Seattle’s Rainier Valley which was presented with an award in 1963 from Practical Builder Magazine.  Other work includes a unique, one-story, u-shape, office complex for the Rudy Simone Construction Company in the  Valley (1964); a retail store for B.F. Googrih (1964); Washington Mutual Savings Bank (1967) in Renton; and the Native American themed  Totem Lake Shopping Center (1964) in Kirkland.  The firm was also honored with a special citation from the Seattle chapter of the AIA in 1969 for a fountain and alterations to University Chevrolet at Northeast 45th Street and Roosevelt Streets.  For a brief time Bouillon took on another partner, Harry Rich, but Rich left the firm in 1972 to start his own firm.  After Bouillon’s death in 1973, the firm continued and today, it is known as Lance Mueller & Associates (LMA).

By Michael Houser, State Architectural Historian - February 2007


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