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Ethnic Preservation


Latino Study/Report

In 2015 DAHP received an Underrepresented Community grant from the National Park Service to complete a study of Latino heritage in the Yakima Valley. We are happy to present the findings of the study, prepared by Artifacts Consulting, in the form of a report (in Spanish and English), 37 intensive level historic property inventory forms, two National Register nominations, and oral interviews. You may download the surey report using the link below and access the inventory forms by going to Wisaard.  The National Register nominations are currently being processed by staff and will be posted when they are finalized.  The oral interviews will be housed in the state archives

Preparation of this report would not have been possible without the support from the following entities and individuals: University of Washington, Erasmo Gamboa, Gonzalo Guzman; Heritage Univeristy, Ricardo Valdez, Greg Hinze; Radio KDNA; and Mac Gamboa. Heritage University students and the following interviewees: Nohemi Sanchez interviewed by Yesenia Hunter & Cesar Lopez, Pete Flores interviewed by Emiliano Orozco & Sean Etherington, Jessie Farias interviewed by Joni Snyder and Murry Hannigan, and Gilberto Alaniz interviewed by LaTasha Larez.

Latino Study PHASE II RFP

The Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (DAHP) is requesting proposals for the inventory, documentation, evaluation and nomination of historic places in the Puget Sound region associated with Latino heritage. For the purpose of this RFP the Puget Sound region is defined as the Seattle, Tacoma, and Everett metropolitan areas. The deliverables will include one historic context document, approximately 20 to 30 intensive level inventory records, two National Register of Historic Places nominations, 8 to 10 oral interviews, a digital project archive, and timely submittal of progress reports. The completed context will adhere to the guidelines in NPS Bulletin 16B. Inventory forms will meet DAHP’s Standards for Cultural Resource Reporting. The context document must be prepared in both English and Spanish. The consultant is expected to hold at least two public meetings; one at the start of the project and one at the end sharing results of the effort. Public meetings shall be held in the survey area with the conversation and printed materials in both English and Spanish.

Successful responses to this RFP must demonstrate experience with developing historic context documents and have a record of successfully completing National Register nominations that have resulted in listings; familiarity with entering Historic Property Inventory (HPI) data using DAHP’s on-line database WISAARD. The consultant must also demonstrate an ability to locate and successfully engage the individuals and places associated with Latino heritage. A priority is for the project to use personnel that can communicate in Spanish.

RFP Information

Project costs are not to exceed $50,000. Travel and per diem rates cannot exceed those authorized by Washington State. To request and review the RFP, contact the RFP Coordinator Greg Griffith at:

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