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Abandoned Cemeteries

For more information contact:

Guy Tasa
State Physical Anthropologist
(360) 586-3534


Juliette Vogel
Assistant State Physical Anthropologist
(360) 586-3075

Abandoned Cemetery Documents:

Abandoned cemeteries are cemeteries for which no ownership can be determined by the county assessor.  The Department of Archaeology & Historic Preservation may grant nontransferable certificate authority to maintain and protect abandoned cemeteries.  

Paige Matthews Cemetery, Clark County

This authority is limited to the care, maintenance, restoration, protection, and historic preservation of the abandoned cemetery.  An application for certificate authority is available in the link to the right. 

Organizations Awarded to Care for Cemeteries:

  • Brownsville Cemetery Historic Preservation Association: Brownsville Cemetery, Kitsap County
  • Discovery Bay Cemetery Association: Discovery Bay Cemetery, Jefferson County
  • Northwest Washington Geneological Society: Evergreen Cemetery, Stevens County
  • Friends of Lone Pine Cemetery: Lone Pine Cemetery, Whitman
  • Palouse Prairie Foundation: Whelan Cemetery, Whitman County