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EZ / Project Review Form

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EZ Project Review Forms

What is GEO 21-02?

GEO 21-02 stands for Governor’s Executive Order 21-02.

This order was put in place by the governor in 2021 to protect cultural resources and replace the previous GEO 05-05. It says that all projects receiving capital funding from agencies of the Executive Branch and Small Cabinet  must consult with DAHP and affected tribes on their project. It can also be codified into law if copied into an enacted capital budget.

What do I need to do to comply with GEO 21-02?

Typically, the state agency administering the grant is in charge of this process, but they may delegate to the grantee (you). DAHP has developed the EZ/Project Review Form to help grantees through the process. Please fill out the form and submit it to DAHP. GEO 21-02 also requires tribal consultation. Please see the question about tribal consultation below for more information.


When to Fill Out an EZ Form

I am doing a project under local laws such as SEPA or Shoreline Management. Should I fill out this form?

No. The EZ 2102 form is only for projects receiving state capital grant or loan funding. SEPA has its own process and documents that DAHP reviews under a separate process.  

When in the process of applying for and receiving my grant do I need to fill out the EZ form?

It depends on the agency funding your grant. Usually, you will need to fill the EZ form out and hear back from DAHP before you start any part of the funded project. Sometimes you may be asked to fill it out before you apply for a grant.

I have several project alternatives and we have not chosen the final one for our project. What should I do?

You will need to submit the form with information about all the alternatives. DAHP must know about all alternatives to be able to provide a complete review.

My project has changed. Do I need to submit another EZ project form?

It depends on the changes made. Please send an email with your original form and the proposed changes to and we will let you know.


Filling Out the EZ Form (Sections 1 and 2 of Form)

How do I find out if a building in my project area is 45 years or older?

If you do not know the age of the building(s), you can search the county assessor website for that information. To do this, search the name of the county followed by “real property search” in your web browser and follow their instructions. 

I have multiple buildings or multiple properties for my grant. What do I do?

Please submit a document listing the information for parts one and two of the EZ/Project Review Form for each property or building. Please also make sure to submit maps and photos of each property and each building. If they are adjacent, you may submit a single map.

The EZ2 page says I have to create a SAW account, fill out a registration form, and complete an online form for buildings. Do I have to do all this?

This process is for people who regularly submit information to DAHP. If you are doing a single grant, then the EZ project form is all you need.


Grant Administration (Section 3 of Form)

How do I figure out which agency is in charge of administering my grant?

If you applied for a grant through an agency, the same agency is probably funding your grant.

If you received a letter informing you of your grant, it may list what agency is in charge of your grant.

What does direct appropriation mean?

Direct appropriation means the legislature has agreed to fund your project directly, not through an existing grant program. It will still have to pass through an agency for administration of the grant, usually the Department of Commerce.

My grant administrator told me I need to conduct tribal consultation. Does DAHP do that?

No. DAHP cannot consult with the tribes on your behalf and should always be done by the state agency administering the grant to ensure a government-to-government process. DAHP has a map and a list of tribal contacts to help you through the process.  Please see this page for more information.


Attachments (Section 5 of Form)

I can’t get my map to load into the form. Can I send multiple attachments?

Yes, but please send them all in one email if possible. If you send your map as a separate attachment, it does not have to be a .jpg. All photos must be .jpgs.

Do I have to use a map from WISAARD for my EZ form?

No. If you have a map that clearly shows the boundaries of the project you may use that.

I don’t have a map, how do I make one?

See this tutorial.

What kind of photos does DAHP need for the EZ form for buildings over 45 years of age?

DAHP needs .jpg photos. Please submit a clear, recent photo of each building that is not blocked by trees, fences, vehicles, or other obstructions. Google street view and county assessor photos are not sufficient.


Submitting the EZ Form

How do I submit my EZ project form?

Email the form and any attachments in a single email to

How long will it take to hear back from DAHP about my EZ form?

Typically, it will take about 2 weeks to hear back, but may be up to 30 days depending on the reviewers’ workloads.

How long should I wait to call/email DAHP to ask about my EZ form?

If you do not hear back in 30 days, please email requesting an update.


This FAQ did not answer my question. Who do I contact?

Please email or call 360-586-3065.