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Recording A Cemetery

For more information contact:

Guy Tasa
State Physical Anthropolgist
(360) 790-1633

During the early settlement of Washington Territory, burials were typically in the orchards and fields of the homesteaders. Later, a designated "burying ground" or "graveyard" was created, often on one or two acres donated by homesteaders; sometimes small parcels of land were purchased for a cemetery.

Touchet Cemetery, Touchet

Many of these cemeteries or gravesites are forgotten or only remembered by families.  The Department of Archaeology is always looking for these sites to include in our database.  Our department has two forms  – one for the general public and one for the professional archaeologist – to report a cemetery or gravesite. Cultural resource professionals and agencies may not use the Cemetery Inventory Form. Agencies with professional archaeologists on staff (or their hired consultants) are expected to complete an Archaeological Site Form for cemeteries, regardless of age, size, or condition. DAHP only accepts Archaeological Site Forms completed by professional archaeologists.

Inventory Forms