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The Secure Side of WISAARD

For more information contact:

WISAARD Support Account

Accessing the WISAARD for Data Entry, Archaeological Information & CRM Reports

Wisaard has two levels of secure access. The first level allows access to the Project module for historic property inventory data entry. The second level includes additional access to Washington State's vast collection of archaeological site inventory data and cultural resource reports. Please note that access to historic property data entry does not require this deeper level of access. 

Go to the Wisaard System page to get help signing up for a Secure Access Washington (SAW) account and complete your WISAARD registration.  Please note that you will be approved for the first level of secure access, but you will not be able to see archaeological information until DAHP has received and approved your signed user agreement.

Access to archaeological, cemetery and report data can be gained by emailing Please indicate which type of aggreement you need from the list below. DAHP is only accepting Adobe signed agreements which will be sent to you to complete.

WISAARD Archaeological Access Agreement Types

  • Professional archaeologist meeting the Sec. of Interior Standards and Washington State Statute 27.53.030.
  • Secretary of  the Interior Standards in a discipline other than archaeology.
  • Academic researcher/Professor.

Please note these types of agreements need a co-signer!!!

  • Tribal cultural resource staff member.
  • B.A. in archaeology and 5 years experience in Washington.
  • Masters' degree in archaeology or closely related field and are under professional archaeologist supervision.
  • Anthropology student needing access for a class project.
  • Section 106 Manager for a Federal or State Agency, but do not meet the Sec. of the Interior Standards in any discipline.