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Certified Local Government Program

For more information contact:

Michelle Thompson
Certified Local Government & Main Street Design Specialist
(360) 890-2617

What is a Certified Local Government (CLG)?   

A Certified Local Government is a local historic preservation commission that has been "certified" by the National Park Service (NPS)-NPS administers the historic preservation program at the federal level. An amendment in 1980 to The National Historic Preservation Act established the CLG Program, in effect, creating a partneship between federal, state, and local historic preservation efforts. In Washington State, the CLG Program is implemented and administered by the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (DAHP). CLGs must follow federal, state, and local laws and standards to become a CLG and to maintain CLG status. The primary benefits of the CLG program are financial, in the form of annual grants and adoption of Special Tax Valuation; and in-depth technical assistance from preservation experts at DAHP.

CLGs in Washington State are required to maintain a qualified historic preservation commission, adopt a local ordinance that gives the local Historic Preservation Commission the means to establish a local register of historic places and to review changes to buildings listed on the local register or in a local register district. This process is known as Design Review. CLGs do not review changes to resources listed in the State or National Registers, as these listings are honorary in nature. Other CLG responsibilities include: surveying for local historic properties, reviewing National Register Nominations, educating the commission and the public, and providing for public participation in historic preservation activities. Like the State and National Registers, in most CLG communities owner consent is required for listing in the local register. A property owner vote is taken to establish a local historic district.  

Chelsa Family Hotel - SeattleFor more information contact our Certified Local Government Coordinator, Michelle Thompson at

(360) 890-2617 or