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CLG Resources

For more information contact:

Michelle Thompson
Certified Local Government & Main Street Design Specialist
(360) 890-2617

We are here to help! Preservation through partnership is the goal of the Certified Local Government (CLG) Program. This commitment is key to Washington States ability to preserve, protect, and increase awareness of  our unique cultural heritage found in the built environment.  As a CLG, communities have direct access to SHPO staff for assistance with their commission, building assessments, surveys and nominations, and general preservation assistance.  To help you with these various tasks, DAHP offers a variety of training, some specific for CLGs, and other general preservaton training.

CLG Trainings

Four Annual CLG  Basic Trainings will be provided  live over Zoom with Q&A opportunity. Topics will be: CLG 101: Back to Basics, Adding to Your Local Register, Dessign Review 101 & Issuing a COA , and Special Valuation and Financial Incentives. Also look for special topics trainings such as: Equity in Preservation, Architecture of the Recent Past (Mid-century), Architectural Styles, Local Historic Districts, Budgeting for CLG Grant Projects, and more

Check this page periodically for upcoming trainannouncements or newly posted trainings Please, see below for more useful materials and to explore previous trainings. 

Annual CLG Basic Trainings:

  1. 1. CLG 101: Back to Basics (May 2022)
  2. 2. Adding to Your Local Register (Coming in 2022)
  3. 3. Design Review 101 & Issuing a COA (Coming in 2022)
  4. 4. Special Valuation and Financial Incentives (Coming in 2022)

Trainings and Videos:

 Legal Basics and Meeting Procedures: