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Charles A. Haynes


WPA Press Release - PR 666, December 14, 1938

Certificate of Marriage, December 3, 1914

WWI Draft Card

"Five Granges Join in Erecting Store" The Seattle Daily Times: September 15, 1927

"Architects C.E. Troutman and Chas. Haynes...." Aberdeen Herald: May 22, 1917

"C.A. Haynes has formed a partnership with Architect S.E. Troutman ...." Aberdeen Herald: May 22, 1911

Polk Directories: 1930-1940

The Pacific Coast Architect - March 1913

Building & Engineering News - July 24, 1918

"Haynes, Harbor Architect Dies" Aberdeen Daily World - April 11, 1940

"Haynes Rite Set for Saturday" Aberdeen Daily World - April 12, 1940

Often confused with Seattle architect Charles L. Haynes, Aberdeen architect Charles Addison Haynes was born in Winona, Minnesota on March 15, 1886. Haynes’ formal architectural training is unknown. He arrived in Aberdeen around 1910.   Reportedly he designed many homes, schools and business blocks in Southwest Washington.  His early projects include the  Cartier House (1911) in South Bend.  In 1911, Haynes formed a partnership with architect Charles E. Troutman.  Known projects by the firm of Troutman & Haynes are limited to the Bowen Brothers Garage (1913); and the YMCA Building (1919). 

In 1919, when Washington began licensing architects, Haynes received Washington license No. 72, under the grandfather clause. Around 1920, Haynes and Troutman parted ways and Haynes continued an independent practice.  Known projects are limited to the Aberdeen Armory (with Seattle architect Lewis Svarz 1921); Elks Temple (c.1924); the Dr. I.R. Watkins House (1926);  City Retail Lumber Co. (1926); a store in Satsop (1927); and a grade school in Cosmopolis (1938).

Haynes passed away in Aberdeen on April 11, 1940 at the age of 54.

By Michael Houser, State Architectural Historian - April 2012