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Clare Moffitt


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Architect & Engineer - October 1940, June 1933

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Seattle architect Clarence "Clare" Moffitt was born on July 30, 1885 in Milan, Kansas.  He received his formal education from Kansas State University and arrived to Seattle in 1917 via Yakima (1911-13) and Tacoma.  After serving as draftsmen and designer for several firms (including cheif draftsman for the Boeing Company), Moffitt opened his own independent practice in 1922. 

While he remained in business for nearly 40 years (one of the longest architectural practices in the City of Seattle), few designs have been attributed to him to date.  Known projects include  the Ballard Christian Church (1930); the University Christian Church (1928); a home at 2527 57th Ave SW (1938); the West Seattle Christian Church (1940); Cascade Machinery Co. Warehouse (1941); a Proffesional Office Building (2400 Queen Anne Blvd, 1953); the Lake City Christian Church (1958);  alterations to an apartment building at 5073 Brooklyn Ave.; and a custom home for U.S. Plywood executive William C. Bailey (c.1939).  For several years Moffitt maintained an office in the Seaboard Building, but in 1932 he opened a home office at 4521 10th Ave NE.

Proposed Beach Drive House, Seattle Daily Times, May 3, 1936In the 1930s Moffitt was hired by the Pacific First Federal Savings & Loan to design a home for their housing program which would enable a buyer to complete an entire transaction of home construction in one unit.  A model home was built by the bank on Beach Drive.

Over the course of his career, Moffitt was heavily involved several proffesional and civic organizations, including severing as President of the Washington State AIA chapter and as chapter treasurer in 1940-41.  Moffitt also served as chapter representative on the National AIA Technical Committee (1948) and was a National AIA Delegate in 1959.  Locally he served on the City Board of Appeals (1959); and was chairman of the Municipal League of Seattle and King County for several years.

Moffitt retired in 1970 and passed away in Seattle on May 4, 1975.

By Michael Houser, State Architectural Historian - April 2012