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Certified Local Government Grants

The CLG Grant application - FY22

The Certified Local Government Program (CLG) helps local governments toward preserving Washington’s irreplaceable historic and cultural resources as assets for the future. This unique nationwide program of financial and technical assistance was established by the National Historic Preservation Act. In Washington, the CLG program is implemented and administered by the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (DAHP).

Many local units of government use the Historic Preservation Fund grants to conduct architectural and historical or archaeological surveys to accumulate data for comprehensive planning. Frequently, their motivation is to identify significant districts and individual properties that are eligible for listing on a local, state or national register of historic places. Some municipalities conduct prehistoric or historic surveys and/or sponsor the preparation of National Register historic district nominations in order to enable property owners to take advantage of the federal tax credits and/or state Special Tax Valuation program that can result from National Register listing. CLGs also use grant funds to develop design guidelines for locally designated resources and historic districts.  HPF grants can also be used for preservation planning activities. Other communities use the grant funds to educate property owners about historic preservation through brochures, web sites, school curriculum development and walking tours.

The HPF grant amount varies year-to-year based on the dollar amount granted to DAHP. During each of the last five years, the average amount DAHP has been able to grant has been approximately $100,000. 

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FY 2022 Grant Materials

Grant Completion Documents

​CLG Grant Review Committtee Meeting - June 11, 2021, 9am-1pm

Presentations by Certified Local Government’s for the FY22 Historic Presentation Fund grant applications will be held virtually over Zoom on June 11, 2021. In total, there will be we 12 presentations each lasting about 20 minutes each. This year’s Grant Award Committee Members will be Eugenia Woo, Director of Preservation Services at Historic Seattle; Cathy Wickwire, Operations Manager at Washington Trust for Historic Preservation; and Kelsey Doncaster, Senior Historian/Architectural Historian at Jacobs Engineering Group. Presentations will begin at 9:00 am and will last throughout the day. See agenda for approx. time when each nomination will be heard. The meeting is open to the public and folks are welcome to just on and off the call at any time.  Zoom meeting Link info:


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Meeting ID: 910 9797 6678

Passcode: 796255

Meeting ID: 910 9797 6678

Passcode: 796255


Meeting agenda: