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Certified Local Government Grants


The Certified Local Government Program (CLG) helps local governments toward preserving Washington’s irreplaceable historic and cultural resources as assets for the future. This unique nationwide program of financial and technical assistance was established by the National Historic Preservation Act. In Washington, the CLG program is implemented and administered by the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (DAHP).

Many local units of government use the Historic Preservation Fund grants to conduct architectural and historical or archaeological surveys to accumulate data for comprehensive planning. Frequently, their motivation is to identify significant districts and individual properties that are eligible for listing on a local, state or national register of historic places.  Some municipalities conduct prehistoric or historic surveys and/or sponsor the preparation of National Register historic district nominations in order to enable property owners to take advantage of the federal tax credits and/or state Special Tax Valuation program that can result from National Register listing. CLGs also use grant funds to develop design guidelines for locally designated resources and historic districts.  HPF grants can also be used for preservation planning activities. Other communities use the grant funds to educate property owners about historic preservation through brochures, web sites, school curriculum development and walking tours.

The HPF grant amount varies year-to-year based on the dollar amount granted to DAHP.  During each of the last five years, the average amount DAHP has been able to grant has been approximately $100,000.  The average amount of each individual grant is approximately $7500.

 All of the materials that you will need to fill out for the application are in the Grant Application document. I have also provided a separate Sample Budget and a good example of a completed application.

Because a capital budget was passed last week, NO MATCH REQUIRED FOR FY2019 CLG grants!

Grant Applications are due April 27h, 2018.

FY 2019 Grant Materials