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CLG Online Training Resources

For more information contact:

Kim Gant
Certified Local Government & Survey Coordinator
(360) 584-5900

Commissioner Training Program (Wisconsin SHPO; yes Wisconsin!)

The Wisconsin SHPO has put together a great structured, comprehensive online training program, and 99.9% of it is applicable to all preservation commissions, regardless of state. Of course, there are references to Wisconson state or local law within the materials that are not applicable here in Washington. Washington State laws a CLG may encounter are the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) or Governor's Executive Order 0505. SEPA may operate differently in different jurisdictions, so contact your local planning/permitting staff for more information. Executive Order 0505 applies to state agency funded capital projects. This means that if an entity is receiving a grant from a state agency, the project will be reviewed by DAHP for effects to cultural resources. CLG commisioners should also be aware of the state law regarding archaeological permitting, which requires anyone digging in an archaeological site to apply for a permit from DAHP. Each state also has specific Procedures for CLGs. Washington's procedures document is provided in the new CLG training materials below. 

If you have any questions about how Wisconsin's requirements differ from Washington, or anything in general, just ask! 

In addition, we have put together some materials on the following topics: (You can download each one separately or download the .zip file for all of them at once)


Presentations from previous trainings:

Powerpoint Slides from November 19, 2020 Training in Steilacoom

Powerpoint Slides from 2017 CAMP in Tacoma

Powerpoint Slides from September 26, 2017 CLG Training in Spokane