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11th Annual Cultural Resource Protection Summit May 23-24

Living Landscapes, Living Cultures
The 2018 Cultural Resource Protection Summit marks our 11th gathering. Since its inception, the primary goal in
organizing the annual Summit has been to facilitate amongst all affected parties an open, frank discussion about the
intersection between cultural resources and land use. The Summit is designed to promote collaborative cultural resource
planning as an effective means of fi nding resolution to issues before they escalate into emotionally-charged, divisive, and
expensive stalemates or law suits.

This year, the Summit agenda includes an engaging array of cutting-edge topics that will encourage attendees to examine
the benefi ts of a landscape approach and how it might inform workable solutions for today’s most pressing challenges
to effective cultural resource protection. Topics on Day 1 will orient us to a variety of relevant landscapes, including
regulatory and environmental, while Day 2 topics will address more advanced Cultural Resource Management (CRM)
applications. Keynotes, panel discussions, and open discussions will highlight useful examples of the link between
landscape-based CRM and responsible land use.

Please join us at the Suquamish Tribe’s beautiful and inviting House of Awakened Culture for a two-day gathering that will
help you improve your technical skills while deepening your connection to why we do this work. Leave with more tools for
protecting cultural resources and sharing the important stories they tell, not to mention new allies and friends.


-Early Bird Registration Now Open - Visit for special rates and to register online!
-Students: Email Mary Rossi at for information about student rates!
-Go to the website and enter to win a free registration!! One award will be made in each of these categories: Tribes, agencies, consultants, students