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City of Ellensburg - RFP for Historic Preservation Services


The City of Ellensburg seeks the services of a qualified Historic Preservation Consultant / Historic Architect, or related professional to assist the Community Development Department with occasional review of COA (Certificate of Appropriateness) applications, including the drafting of staff reports with analyses and recommendations to the Landmarks & Design Commission (LDC).

The City of Ellensburg has two historic districts – the residential First Railroad Addition Historic District, and the commercial Downtown Ellensburg Historic District.  Both districts have National, State and Local designations.  The City also has additional historic buildings which are listed individually on the Ellensburg Landmarks Register.  The City became a Certified Local Government in 2001.  The primary role of the consulting preservation planner will be to assist the existing department planners and the LDC in fulfilling the historic landmarks preservation duties, including: review of changes proposed to local landmarks register properties, review of “Special Valuation for Historic Properties”, and review of nomination applications to the Landmark Register for individual properties.

City Staff will assist the selected consultant by providing background information, data, and photographs specific to a submitted COA application, but the City will ask the consultant to review COA applications against the criteria outlined in Chapter 15.280 of the Ellensburg City Code (ECC).  The consultant shall draft reports to the LDC outlining the analysis of the COA and any recommendations and/or conditions of approval, for presentation to the LDC.  Other department planners are available to present the report to the LDC, and carry out the remaining technical aspects of issuing a COA.  For highly complex COA applications, the City may request that the consultant attend the LDC meeting. The LDC generally meets twice per month, reviewing an average of two COA’s per meeting during an open record, quasi-judicial hearing.  The LDC has final authority on issuing COA’s.