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Grant Funding for Rehabilitation Projects!

We are pleased to announce that DAHP has been awarded a grant from the National Park Service as part of the Historic Revitalization Subgrant Program. The goals of the program, which we are calling Preserving Washington Works, are: 1. Bridge the gap between cost of rehabilitation and market rate for housing costs in rural communities  2. Encourage public/private investment and partnerships in rural communities

We have been awarded a little over $200,000 to be used for rehabilitation projects. The application period will begin November 1 and applications will be due December 16. We are looking to have the grants awarded by February. I will send out another message when the application is available. More information to come on November 1st, but to get you all thinking about projects, here are the basic requirements...

Eligible applications will meet the following criteria:

1. Projects should be fairly shovel-ready as there is about 18 months to finish them. Projects can be a single phase of a multiple phase project. 

2. The project must be within a CLG community or an accredited Main Street Community. Here is a list of CLGs. Here is a list of Main Streets

3. The project building must be National Register listed or determined eligible by DAHP. Contributing properties in National Register Historic Districts are included as long as the property is still considered contributing at the time or application. Applicants may be private property owners, local governments, non-profits or other. If the property is not yet listed on the National Register, listing will be a requirement and the cost of hiring a consultant to prepare the nomination is an allowable grant cost. 

4. The Main Street or CLG community must have a population less than 50,000. Use this website to search for your community: This is what the NPS says we have to go by for population.

5. There is a match requirement. 60% federal share/40% matching share. The minimum federal share request is $20,000. The minimum total project cost would be around $33,400.

6. The project may involve mixed uses, but must include the creation/rehabilitation of at least two housing units, either long term/residences or short term/hotel 

7. The project must comply with all applicable federal laws including ADA, civil rights, wage laws including the Davis-Bacon Act, worker safety, and lead-based paint safety, to name a few.

8. All work must meet the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties. 

9. A covenant/easement will be a requirement. The length is determined by the amount of the federal award.

For questions about the grant please contact Kim Gant at 360-586-3074