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Hello from COLUMBIA (a.k.a. "The Magazine of Northwest History") . . .

I'm busily working with the team here at the Washington State Historical Society to produce the next issue of the magazine, which is my first as editor.  I wanted to reach out to ask for your help in highlighting noteworthy history/heritage/historica preservation exhibits, programs, events and/or publications that may be debuting during APRIL, MAY and JUNE of this year.  We're experimenting with a new feature in the magazine (working title: "39 Counties") to spread the word to our readers about opportunities to engage with history all over the Evergreen State.

If your organization (or any group you're a member of or affiliated with) has something coming up in this period, I would love to hear about.  Please send a short description, any relevant links, and (ESPECIALLY!) print-quality digital images (300 dpi, files of about 2MB in size).  If you have ANY questions (or other story ideas, ideas for other writers I should reach out to, etc.), please email or call me at 206-369-6630.

Also, please feel free to forward this email to anyone and everyone within your "history community."  I can't guarantee that we'll print everything, but just hearing about these things now might lead to more in-depth stories in subsequent issues.

Thank you so much for your time and assistance, and I look forward to seeing what you send to COLUMBIA!

Feliks Banel, Editor
The Magazine of Northwest History
A quarterly publication of the Washington State Historical Society