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Historic Theater Grants Now Available!

We are excited to announce that a new round of grant funding is available for historic theaters across the state.  The State Fiscal Year 23-25 capital budget included $515,000 in funding to continue the Historic Theater Grant Program.

More than 80 operating historic theaters remain in Washington. They are scattered in both small towns and urban neighborhoods. In fact, 25% of the theaters are located in communities with a population of under 5,000, and nearly 56% are in communities under 50,000. As businesses, they contribute local economies in purchasing goods and products, employing people, and paying taxes. As venues for performances and film, they support an arts economy that ripples far beyond individual artists to include construction workers, graphic designers, electricians, and many other trades and services. Additionally, historic theaters are indispensable assets in developing cultural tourism—the fastest growing segment of the tourism market. As theater closures statewide were eminent through the last year and a half, the grant program hopes to not only offset deferred maintenance but also foster a preservation ethic for these cherished community gathering spaces.

The grant program is managed by our partners at the WA Trust for Historic Preservation.  For more info visit their website at:

Grant applications are due: October 31st!