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Lead Cultural Resources Monitor - Temporary - Alaska

Cultural Resource Consultants LLC (CRC) is now accepting applications for a Lead Cultural Resources Monitor for a construction monitoring project in Alaska. The work will begin in late May 2019 and will continue until November 2019.
The monitor can expect to work eight to ten hours per day, six days a week, with Sundays off. The successful candidate must be willing to live and work in a rural Alaskan village for a month or more at a time without a break. Monitors will be given one week off every six to eight weeks. CRC will provide transportation to and from Anchorage for scheduled breaks and at the beginning and end of the project.
The candidate must have good communication skills and the ability to work well with other archaeologists, local community members, and construction crews. The Lead Cultural Resources Monitor will be responsible for working closely with the project superintendent, supervising a second archaeological monitor, and staying in close contact with the CRC office in Anchorage.
Applicants must:
· Have a master’s degree in Anthropology or Archaeology.
· Have a minimum of two years of experience in cultural resource management, with preference given to applicants with experience in Alaska.
· Have experience monitoring construction excavations.
· Be comfortable working in cold and wet conditions and have the ability to stand for up to 10 hours per day.
· Be able to work well with a team in challenging living and weather conditions.
· Be resilient and willing to live in an Alaskan village for several weeks at a time.
· Be a self-starter and capable of managing expenses, hours, and field notes.
· Have strong technical writing skills.
The successful candidate will be paid an hourly wage that is commensurate with experience. The monitor will also earn overtime. The amount of overtime will vary, but will generally fall between 8 and 14 hours per week.