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Notice of Intent to Execute Sole Source Contract

The Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (DAHP) intends to award a sole source contract to the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation (Trust) to provide education and outreach services on behalf of the agency as Codified in Title 54 of the United States Code: § 302304(a): "Any State may carry out all or any part of its responsibilities under this subsection by contract or cooperative agreement with any qualified nonprofit organization or educational institution." 

The definition of a sole source contract, as per RCW 39.26.010, is one where the contractor providing goods or services of such a unique nature or sole availability at the location required that the contractor is clearly and justifiably the only practicable source to provide the goods or services. 

Although this sole source notification is not an invitation to bid, if you feel your firm is able to provide the goods or services listed above, please review this sole source notice by logging in to the Department of Enterprise Services website portal for vendors here.