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Please Participate in the State Preservation Plan Online Survey

If you have not already doneso, you are invited and encouraged to participate in the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (DAHP) online survey/questionaire to gain your input on the Washington State Historic Preservation Plan for 2019-2024: Inhabiting our History. Go to; it should take about 11 minutes to respond to the 20 questions. 

As announced in previous blog postings, DAHP is currently working to update the state preservation plan that will set goals, strategies, and specific tasks for Washington's historic preservation community to achieve during the coming 5 year plan cycle. DAHP is being assisted by the State Historic Preservation Plan Steering Committee comprised of over 30 leaders in preservation related fields and skills from across the state. The questionnaire has been designed to help us identify issues that the new plan should address. 

To date, over 560 persons have responded to the survey. A glance at the survey data reveals:

Q1: Nearly 90% believe preservation is important to their community.

Q5: Over 80% feel emotionally connected to the place where they live.

Q8: Nearly 70% said that a place that they cared about has been lost.

Q10: Nearly 50% have advocated to others to protect a historic place and 40% have spent money to do so.

Q11: Local governments are seen as having a leading role in protecting historic places followed by private individuals and then state government.

Q12: Local governments are also seen as being most effective at protecting historic places followed by non-profit organizations and then state government.

Q14: Important issues are led by Education/Training closely followed by Land Use Planning and Sustainability with Housing Affordability, Building Stronger Relationships with Tribal Governments, Diversity and Disaster Preparedness almost all even in a third position...all very close!

Q15: Financial incentives has a wide lead as being most effective at preserving historic places followed by Education/Training.

If you haven't taken the survey, don't put it off any longer and feel free to share the link with friends, family, and colleagues. 

If you have any questions about the survey plus other ways to participate in the state historic preservation planning process, contact Greg Griffith at

Thank you