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The DAHP Cemetery Care and Maintenance Program

Did you know the DAHP can grant your non-profit organization the authority to care for and maintain an abandoned cemetery?  It’s true! If you are interested in caring for and preserving an abandoned cemetery in Washington, you can form a non-profit or use an existing non-profit to do this work.  The work authorized includes care, maintenance, restoration, protection, historical preservation, and establishing care funds for the abandoned cemetery.  It does not include the authority to make burials.  An abandoned cemetery is defined as a burial ground where there is no record of an owner, or where the last known owner is deceased and lawful title conveyance has not been made, or where the cemetery corporation has disbanded, been dissolved or otherwise ceased to exist.  More details can be found in RCW 68.60.030 and 68.60.010. The application for a Care and Maintenance Certificate can be found here. DAHP is pleased to announce that in 2009, the following certificates were issued to: The Brownsville Cemetery Historic Preservation Association for the care of the Brownsville Cemetery in Kitsap The Friends of Lone Pine Cemetery for the care of the Lone Pine Cemetery in Whitman County. The Northeast Washington Genealogical Society for the care of the Evergreen Cemetery in Stevens County.  For more information about their activities, visit their website.