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WDFW Hiring Archaeologist - Check it out!

WDFW’s Wildlife Program / Diversity Division is searching for an archaeologist to oversee and administer cultural resources review for the Washington Shrubsteppe Restoration and Resiliency Initiative (WSRRI) projects. This is an updated job posting.

The successful applicant would be the lead archaeologist for the WSRRI program and would work collaboratively with other agency archaeologists as part of the Cultural Resources Workgroup, which includes the Lands Division Archaeologists (Kat Kelly, Mo Major, John Davis, and Chris Yamamoto) and the Capital Asset Management Program Archaeologists (Adam Rorabaugh, Ross Smith, and Kayley Bass).

Here’s the link to the job announcement:

The note on the recruitment says it is “posted until filled, with a first review of applications to take place on September 8, 2022”.

A bit about the program:  Shrubsteppe Fire Preparedness, Response, and Restoration

And a youtube video about the shrubsteppe:  This Land Is Part of Us: Washington’s shrub-steppe ecosystem (video)

About WDFW:

WDFW History and Mission:

WDFW Lands:

Here’s the job class pay scale: . This specific job’s salary of $63,216.00 - $82,896.00 is at the suggested salary “range” 60 and the suggested “step” is between “Step A” and “Step L”.