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Window Treatments & Energy Efficiency

A new study just came across the national list-serv and it is one that was really needed. Recognizing that window replacement is rarely cost effective (it is totally possible to spend $20,000 on new windows only to save $200 a year on your energy bill), the study compares the use of different window treatments and their effectiveness in reducing energy costs for buildings with single pane windows. Think storm windows, drapes, films, blinds.....Maybe this real scientific data could be used as information to provide to homeowners that are considering replacing windows. This is not to say that window attachments are cheap either, but they can be multi-purpose. If you need window coverings anyway (drapes, cellular shades), why not make them do double duty and save your window money for that trip to Europe to see some really old windows!  

In any case, this is just another tool in the toolbox for those trying to convince folks of the value of historic windows. I can't tell you how happy I am to see this study, since I just bought a house with single pane windows and have no desire to replace them!