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Wisaard 3.0 Important Information - WISAARD DOWN TIME

In preparation for the upcoming launch of new WISAARD, the system will be totally unavailable beginning at 5PM on Thursday June 27 until Friday June 28 at 5 PM. Please wrap up any data entry before that time. We have to stop data entry so everything can be backed up. This takes a good 8 hours. Isn't everyone going on vacation starting that weekend anyway? You don't have to think about this until you get back :)

In addition, DAHP staff will not be able to access Wisaard to retrieve any project information including site forms and reports. No map, no searching. So we will be limited in what we will be able to do in terms of regulatory reviews. We will have email and phones! 

Please forward this information to anyone you know who may be a user. We have a lot of incorrect emails (please check the email address associated with your SAW account, this is the email we use to send out notices to Wisaard users) and not everyone is on the blog list or will see the Facebook post. 

When Wisaard comes back up, Friday night, it will look different, but hopefully will be more intuitive. All of your data will still be there. Project numbers will be the same. You will all get the hang of it in no time. It is going to be great!

Send any questions or requests for assistance to Someone will be checking that email every day. Try not to send emails to me or Morgan, as we may not be here and you won't get timely help if that is the case. We will get some tutorials and webinars going as soon as we can.