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Wisaard Notes

1. Some of you may have noticed that you receive email notifications from Wisaard when DAHP staff is processing project materials in Wisaard. Often, we are also taking care of data maintenance tasks such as deleting empty projects or inventory forms and accepting survey data. If you receive a notice from Wisaard that an Activity is in Review Complete status, be sure to check the email for any notes about why the notice went out.  For such in-house tasks, no action has been taken by DAHP and no action needs to be taken by project contacts. Unfortunately we do not have the ability to turn notifications on and off at will. 

Also, please remember that a Wisaard notification is not intended to substitue for consultation, and Review Complete status of an Activity does not imply concurrence. Consultation letters will always be issued in PDF format, via email. If you have questions about the submittal process, please see here.

The exception to this is EZ2. Generally letters are not issued for EZ2 reviews as there is no concurrence, only a determination of eligibility, which is contained completely within Wisaard. 

2. We recently changed slightly the choices for Activity Type in the Project module of Wisaard to more closely reflect what should be going into Wisaard. The choices are: EZ2, Reports, Historic Property Inventories, Archaeology/TCP Inventories. As a reminder, Archaeology/TCP forms must be in a separate activity from HPI and reports. Please do not upload consultation letters into Wisaard unless it is an APE letter uploaded into the APE module. 

3. There is a bug on the map with the APE/Project Area layer. When you identify on an APE, within the popup there is a Detail Pages button. Currently this button is directing to the wrong place, to a Property Record instead of the Project Setup page associated with that APE. This does not mean that the HPI is part of your project. The button is currently just referencing the wrong piece of data. We hope to have this repaired in the near future. 

4. We are currently working on a redesign of the Wisaard interface, which we hope will drastically improve the overall user experience. More details to come...  ;)

Questions? Let us know.