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Wisaard Update

Hi All,

Fixing bugs in Wisaard is taking more time than we anticipated, but we continue to work every day with out developer to get things corrected. The most major bug we are seeing right now is with inventory records not showing up in Projects where they should be. It is frustrating for everyone. But, to allay any concerns, data is not missing. The data is there, it is being hidden due to some security flaws we are trying to work out. Wisaard is generally hiding more than it is supposed to and buttons are missing when they theoretically should be there. If you experience issues with this, please send an email to and do not try to add data back to a project. It will result in duplication. If you are trying to upload a report and cannot get it to work, or do not have the Upload Report button, please just email the report with your letter to the appropriate compliance email box and we will take care of getting it into Wisaard. 

In other news, logging in is going a little more smoothly and the measure tool has made a glorious comeback! Some things that remain on DAHP's most wanted list (and probably yours too) include:

-Making sure the layers/search area stay turned on after a map search! 

-Drawing tools!

-Making sure that everything (inventories, buttons, etc...) shows up when and where it is supposed to!

-Overall application stability so that we can create tutorials/hold webinars without errors!

-Making sure users can't create more than one point in an HPI!

-Making sure all of our customers are happy!

More updates to come as we have things to report,