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Wisaard Update

Hi out there!

I would venture to say that we are nearing the light at the end of the tunnel regarding major Wisaard bugs. Hopefully you are all feeling a little more comfortable. The support email box is slowing down a bit. Here are a few bullet point updates of things we have resolved and the current top priority fixes. They won't all be done at once, probably over the next 6-8 weeks or so.

  • We believe we have resolved the major issue with resources disappearing from projects. If you still have any problems with this let us know.
  • For the most part the login process seems to be going smoothly.
  • For those of you who fill out HPI forms, please note that there should only be one point or line per property. It is a one to one relationship. It will let you draw more than one, but please delete any extras so you only have one. The next patch will have updated edit/draw instructions for your reading pleasure.
  • The map edit interface within a Property seems to have some trouble zooming to lines for linear resources. It zooms to the wrong place, which makes it look like there is no line. The line is there, just out of view.   
  • Very soon we will have a ability to add a Resource to a project without creating a new Inventory. Right now the default is to automatically create a new inventory, even though you may only need to associate the resource to the project and don't necessarily want to update it. 
  • Very soon the map layers that you turn on will stay on even when you go to another tab and then come back. 
  • Currently the Project Area/APE layer is defaulting ON. It should default to OFF. This should be resolved very soon. 
  • Currently the Archaeology Layers require that you turn them all on indvidually instead of being able to turn them all on at the main layer level. Make sure you click the arrow next to the eyeball for Archaeology Review Complete. This will open up the rest of the layers, which are individually OFF, so turn them ON and then they will show up.
  • The layers in the map legend are showing up twice. They should only show up once. 
  • The Predicitive Model legend is still showing numbers instead of colors in the legend.
  • For APE, you can't choose the type, it defaults to Combined. Other than that the APE seems to funcion fine. It does take a bit for the Associated Resources to show up in the form.  
  • The draw tools are coming back. Don't lose hope. 
  • There is a problem with the map identification for linear Property features. Clicking on the lines will bring up the wrong Property data. This is no good and makes me crazy, so you're not alone. ;) 

That's it for now. We're really close to having a stable Wisaard, not a perfect Wisaard, but a stable Wisaard. If we can get these things resolved I think we will be able to do trainings and tutorials. Morgan, Annie, Whitney, and I thank you for your patience and willingness to help us work through bugs on an indivual basis. We couldn't do it without your effort. For help, email

More later,