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Wisaard Update/New Feature Coming Soon!

Heads up friends! We will be launching a Wisaard update, likely at the end of July. I'll hold some training sesions when it rolls out and update the training materials. Bugs are always expected so we appreciate your patience as always.

This update includes changes to the Report Upload module, which will allow reports to be processed quicker after staff reviews them. This change will not affect those of you that use Wisaard for EZ2.

Questions? Please ask me!

New features for users include:

1. New Map tab so you can draw/upload a shapefile for the survey boundary

2. New bibliography tab for adding Authors/Organizations etc...

3. New location tab (same as location tab that exists on HPI/Archy site forms)

4. Ability to associate a report that already exists in the database to a new project.

5. Ability to add/remove Associated Report Resources. The current interface doesn't allow for this.  

As always, remember the Wisaard haiku:

A new Wisaard launch

When the sun rises you’ll find

You have made it through