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Wisaard Updates

Hi All, As most of you know we rolled out some small Wisaard improvements a week ago. That same day was the start of my vacation so I did not have time to fill you all in on what changed. So here is the scoop.
  1. There were previously problems with the printing of the archaeology site form. Sometimes it would not print, sometimes it printed and didn't print all of the data. We hope those things are repaired now.
  2. Existing Archaeology Sites are no longer being hidden from the Archaeology category on Search when being updated.
  3. Reinforced read-only privileges have been added to the Archaeology Inventory forms.
  4. A delete button has been added to the Archaeological Inventory form for “new” inventories and updates to existing sites. Please use this sparingly and only on data that you have authored.
  5. The Historic Property Inventory form now has a Print button. Right on the form. YAY!  Look for it in the upper right hand corner of the form. It is next to Delete, so don't hit the wrong button by accident.  Deleted data is not recoverable.
  6. The printed Historic Property Inventory form has been reformatted a little so there is less blank space and  it is easier to read. The photos  will be cropped upon printing because we had an issue with file size. The PDF's are created on the fly and they were coming out too large. This presented a problem for users because the files were difficult to email.  So the compromise for now is cropped photos. The full size photos are still view-able in Wisaard of course. This is hopefully a temporary fix to one problem and we will continue to work on it.
  7. With every rollout there will be bugs that need to be worked out. If you experience any error messages or functions that do not appear to be working, please let us know. We count on our users to help us identify them.
Thank you for your patience!