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Wisaard Updates

Greetings from DAHP!

Last night we were able to push out some fixes to Wisaard. The current version is 3.0.120. If you don't see that at the bottom left of the application, refresh your browser a few times or close your browser and then open it again.

Here are some new/fixed things to look for:

Archaeology Site Forms

  • We were all unable to delete Draft inventory forms. This has been corrected. You should be able to delete Draft inventory forms that you didn't end up needing or created in error. 

Report Submission/Associated Properties

  • There was a problem with duplicating properties when reports were submitted with associated properties. This should no longer be an issue going forward, although it may not have corrected in past projects where it was an issue. There really aren't any duplicates of anything, it is a database logic flaw that has been corrected.

SHPO Evaluation/Regulation

  • Whenever an inventory form is submitted to DAHP, users may select a regulatory type, such as Section 106. Until now, this data was captured, but not displayed anywhere. You can now see which regulation, if any, an inventory was submitted under by checking the SHPO Evaluation section of the inventory form.


  • Users of this tool should now be able to upload APE letters directly into the APE Documents and Images tab. Users were getting an error and this has been corrected. 


  • You may have noticed that the GLO features layer is back and the GLO plat maps are making a triumphant return! We have just gotten the first set of plat maps back up, which is the largest set. You can find them under the GLO Survey Plat Maps layer. Make sure to press the small gray arrow to open the full set of layers and scroll down to turn on the GLO Plat Maps. 
  • The Environmental layer is back. That is the one that has drainages, water, geology etc.
  • The Maritime and Archaeology Buffer layers are also back.

Export Map Data to Excel Tool (only available to Archaeology level users)

  • You should notice some differences (hopefully imporvements!) to this tool, which can be accessed from the Home screen. There is a new set of instructions so take a look at them. 


Thanks for all your patience over the past months.