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Maps at DAHP

DAHP administers the state’s inventory of cultural resources within a GIS framework. But did you know that DAHP also collects and administers data for all programs that we administer, including grants, Federal Rehabilitation Tax Credits, Human Remains cases, regulatory compliance, Certified Local Governments, Main Street, and archaeological permitting. We use this data to report on our activities to the legislature as well as the National Park Service to illustrate our progress toward meeting plan goals.  Maps can be useful to illustrate where historic preservation funding is going, and maybe more importantly, where it is not going, helping us all to target outreach to communities that may be underserved. To that end, we have created an easy to use interactive mapping application to view data related to our grant programs, Certified Local Governments, Main Street communitites as well as the Federal Rehabilitation Tax Credit Program.

Check it out below or find it at this link on our website. Click on the round blue "i" button on the map below for instructions.