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Wisaard System

12/16/2019 - New Wisaard is live!

You will no longer log in to Wisaard through SAW (but you still need a SAW account). The new web address to go to to log in is:



Chrome is the preferred browser. Internet Explorer and Safari are not supported. We have had reports that Firefox and Microsoft Edge work fine. 

We are currently working out bugs in the system. We have not yet been able to create tutorial material, but will do it and hold webinars as soon as the system is stable. Thank you for your patience. Please email to report any issues or for help. 

The WISAARD the state's digital repository for architectural and archaeological resources and reports. Searching the database and data entry are its main functions.

If you are a member of the public and would like to search for historic properties, use this link to the PUBLIC interface where you can search publicly accessible information without logging in. This includes all above-ground resources that have been surveyed and National Register-listed buildings, structures, and sites.

Access to archaeological data is redacted from public viewing in accordance with state law. More information about access to archaeological data can be found here

If you need to enter any information into Wisaard, such as an EZ-2 form, Archaeology or Historic Property inventory forms, or a Survey Report, you will need to create an account with Secure Access Washington before you can log in to Wisaard.  

12/16/2019 - TUTORIALS COMING SOON. Email support for assistance until we get the instructions up.

  • If you need to change your email address for your Secure Access Washington account, click HERE

Questions? Want to report an issue? Send an email to



For Historic Property Inventory and Archaeology data specifications, please see the WA State Standards for Cultural Resource Reporting.