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Preservation Month Posters

"Get Your Groove On! The 1970s Turn 50." - Designed by Michael Houser
"HERstoric Preservation: Preserving Places That Tell the Story"  - Designed by Nicholas Vann
"Celebrating 50 Years of Historic Preservation"  - Designed by Nicholas Vann
"Adventure Awaits.. By Land or By Sea" - Designed by Megan Duvall
"Unlocking the Benefits of Historic Windows" - Designed by Megan Duvall
"Commercial Appeal" - Designed by Megan Duval
"The Show Must Go On" - Designed by Megan Duvall
"Here a Barn... There a Barn... Everywhere a Heritage Barn" - Designed by Megan Duvall
"Home Sweet Home - Residential Architecture in Washington State"  - Designed by Megan Duvall
"Restore America: The Ultimate Makeover" - Designed by Megan Duvall
"New Frontiers in Historic Preservation: New Resources to Protect" - Designed by Megan Duvall
"From Tall to Small, We've Got it All!" - Designed by Megan Duvall


The 2003- 2014 Preservation Month posters were designed in-house by our former CLG Coordinator, Megan Duvall. The 2016, 2019 Poster was designed by Nicholas Vann, our State Historic Architect. The 2020 Poster was design by Michael Houser, our State Architectural HIstorian.

If you would like a copy of this year's poster, please contact Teresa Gibson Ubias at (360) 586-3077 or Unfortunately we don't have extra copies of all past Preservation Month posters.  (FYI - DAHP did not create a 2011, 2012, 2013, or 2015 Preservation Month poster in lieu of producing two public service announcements.