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 You are Invited to a Special Community Event!   Sustainability, Economics and Historic Preservation    A Presentation by Donovan Rypkema
Date:            December 7,...
DAHP has received word from the National Park Service regarding the recipients of the 2009 Japanese American Confinement Sites Grant Program Awards. This grant program resultes from Public Law 109-441: Preservation of Japanese American Confinement Sites including provision of grants to organizations "to preserve and interpret the confinement of sites where Japanese Americans were detained during World War II. The announcement mentions that for the 2009 grant cycle, 32 applications were... more
On November 11, 1919, in a showdown between members of the American Legion and the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), four Legionnaires were killed and an IWW organizer, Wesley Everest, was tortured and lynched.  Eight IWW members were sentenced to 25-40 years in prison for shooting the Legionnaires, but no community members were ever brought to trial for the lynching of Everest.  To commemorate the 90th anniversary of this tragedy, several events will be held in Centralia this... more
[gallery] Great story from the Yakima Herald on the uncovering of a long suffering historic downtown building in Yakima!
Washington State Historical Society Annual Awards Submission deadline: January 28, 2010
The Washington State Historical Society invites nominations for its annual awards recognizing excellence in advancing the field of history in the state of Washington through writing, teaching, historic projects, understanding cultural diversity and voluntarism. Help honor those who work to...
On October 29th Congress wrapped up its FY10 Interior Department and related agencies appropriations bill (HR 2996) that provides a $4.66 billion spending increase over fiscal 2009.  President Obama signed the bill into law October 30 (PL 111-88.) The law provides particularly large increases for the National Park System, with boosts for operations, maintenance, recreation and preservation, and about every other line item. The law also provides a major increase for the Land and... more
From DAHP staff, Russell Holter:
Good news can wait; so first the bad news.  The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has reassigned their training coordinator and has suspended their cultural resources training program indefinitely, that according to a member of the training steering committee.  This news comes despite the fact that the program broke-even, thereby not costing the DNR more than the staff time to coordinate.  The DNR had implemented their cultural resources... more
wmsphotoThe following is a remembrance from DAHP staff, Susan Goff, on last night’s fire at the Whatcom Middle School. The school had been undergoing earthquake retrofitting and it was reported that welders were working on the roof as late as 10:30 pm last night. The fire was reported at 1:00 am and by 4:00 am, flames were seen shooting from all parts of the roof. Officials... more
Registration is now available for this much anticipated conference that arrives at Seattle's Washington State Convention and Trade Center on February 4 through 6. Themed "Building Safe, Healthy and Livable Communities" the conference will allow participants to explore in depth "smart growth" principles in shaping healthy and sustainable communities. Hopefully, historic preservation will be included in the mix of sessions that focus on new trends in transportation, infrastructure, park/... more
halprin The recent death of famous landscape architect Lawrence Halprin has received widespread notice across the nation. While practicing much of his career in the San Francisco Bay area, his work spanned the globe including the northwest with important... more
Sharpening our skills or finding continuing education training (whether for ourselves or others) should be a high priority.  To make this chore easier, DAHP's Training Coordinator has compiled a list of activities in the Western United States or those that have special significance.  Please take the time to review the list and follow the links.  There are many other training opportunities on the East Coast and if you need more information you can either follow the links or contact me... more
Drum Making Workshop
For more information, contact:
Katie Harrison Cathlapotle Plankhouse Coordinator Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge (360) 887-4106
WoodWorkersBallresize For more information, please see:
Eight students invested three days in the second story of one of the oldest buildings in downtown Ritzville learning the proper techniques for wood window rehabilitation during a workshop Oct. 14-16 sponsored by the Ritzville Center for Historic Preservation Trades a project of the Ritzville Public Development Authority (RPDA).
The workshop was the first of its kind in the rural Eastern Washington city 60 miles West of Spokane along Interstate 90...
Dear Friends: A few minutes ago I announced to the National Trust staff that I will be retiring next year, and I want to share that news with all of you as well. It is a decision I have arrived at in recent months because I have concluded it is time for the Trust as well as time for me. Every organization from time to time needs to revitalize itself by seeking a generation change of leadership to take it to a new level. After 17 years in this position, I believe this is such a time for the... more
Its an interesting perspective on traditional cultural properties and wind farms.
The 7th biennial Preserving the Historic Road conference will be held in Washington, DC, September 9-12, 2010. The planning committee currently is seeking paper abstracts. The deadline for submissions is January 31, 2010.  The planning committee invites papers that showcase issues related to historic roads and road systems. Topics such as:    Practical and successful examples of       Historic road inventories       Safety innovations... more




Submitted to the National Trust's "This Place Matters" photo contest
Submitted to the National Trust's "This Place Matters" photo contest
Historic Everett’s Halloween Fundraiser --- Start-up for Everett History Week...
The Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation has recently received the  new federal 2009 Historic Preservation Tax Incentive (Investment Tax Credit) Brochures.  Text in the brochure reflects recent changes in the Internal Revenue Code. The most important of these is the fact that the alternative minimum tax no longer applies to qualified rehabilitation expenditures "properly taken into account for periods after December 31, 2007" (page 20). It notes that Congress periodically raises... more
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  Last week the American Planning Association (APA) announced the 2009 honorees for Great Neighborhoods, Great Streets, and Great Public Places. Since 2007, the APA has recognized 10 communities or locations in each of the three categories. In 2009, the Browne's Addition in Spokane was selected as one of the 10 Great Neighborhoods and the only recipient in Washington State. Browne's Addition has been listed in the National... more


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