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The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Deputy Secretary and former King County Executive Ron Sims, has announced an advance notice and request for comment on HUD's Sustainable Communities Planning Grant Program, part of Congress' $150 million Sustainable Communities Initiative. Of that package, $100 million is targeted for the Sustainable Communities Planning Grant program. Briefly, the grant program is described as providing seed money to regional efforts to develop... more
Grant applications for the FY 2010 Federal Save America's Treasures Program are now available on Detailed program guidelines and instructions for using to apply are found on our website. Applications must be submitted through by the due date of May 21, 2010. In FY 2010, we have $14.3 million to award (a nice bump of $4 million more than FY 2009). Please spread the word!
Although focused on California's State Historic Preservation Office, the sentiments below can safely describe SHPO offices across the country, including Washington. 
Opinion: California's State Preservation Office is Protection, Not a Logjam  
By Richard Moe   Special to the San Jose Mercury News  The American Recovery and Reinvestment... more
CALL FOR NOMINATIONS - 2010 NAPC Commission Excellence Awards Deadline: May 3, 2010 Has your commission completed a project that might be a model for others? Or managed a difficult accomplishment that deserves recognition? The National Alliance of Preservation Commissions is pleased to announce its 2010 Commission Excellence Awards to recognize and honor outstanding efforts and achievements by local preservation, historic district, and landmarks commissions and boards of architectural... more
[gallery order="DESC" columns="2"] Fort Vancouver National Historic Site has begun planning on the Vancouver Barracks Master Plan.  An environmental assessment (EA) will be prepared as part of this eff ort.  Scheduled for completion in 2011, this Master Plan will establish clear direction for the rehabilitation and public use of the East and South Barracks. The National Park Service will assume ownership of this site after the U.S. Army Reserve transfers it to Fort... more
Half-time position with a Spokane County non-profit organization that promotes historic preservation. The successful candidate will demonstrate a thorough understanding of Historic Preservation, possess a minimum of a four-year college degree in a related field or... more
MEETING ANNOUNCEMENT 63rd Northwest Anthropology Conference Ellensburg, Washington March 24 – 27, 2010   “Anthropology at the Crossroads” is the theme for the Northwest Anthropology Conference (NWAC), Ellensburg, Washington, March 24 - 27, 2010. While all submissions will be considered, this conference will offer opportunities for multiple perspectives on where we are as a discipline, society, and species, with a special emphasis on people and the environment. The “Anthropology at the... more
Garry Schalliol, Director of Outreach Services at the Washington State Historical Society, has announced a series of workshops in anticipation of the application deadline for the 2011-2013 Heritage Capital Projects Fund (HCPF) grant program. Since 1997, the HCPF has supported local leaders in communities across the state as they have worked to preserve our heritage, interpret its meaning, and serve the public. HCPF grants have assisted 198 local heritage projects, resulting in the... more
The Civic Design Awards program identifies public projects that are hallmarks of civic design. The Honor Award is given to a project that not only embodies design excellence, but also shows a certain amount of creative risk taking and problem solving. Civic projects earn the Merit Award by exemplifying their particular type of civic space, and the Citation Award is an acknowledgment of quality design based on individual reasons. General Requirements: Any public agency building in... more
SEATTLE – Mar. 4, 2010American Express and the National Trust for Historic Preservation announced today that the Seattle-Puget Sound area has been chosen for the community-based Partners in Preservation program, which provides restoration grants for local historic places. American Express is committing $1 million in preservation grants to the Seattle-Puget Sound area and is encouraging local residents and... more
Of Grassroots and Social Media Like finding coal in their Christmas stockings, three weeks before the new year, the Main Street revitalization community learned that Washington Governor Chris Gregoire's proposed budget would cut funding for the Washington State Main Street Program (WSMSP). The program had already been jeopardized during the 2009 budgeting process when its funds were slashed by 75 percent – leaving only one staff member to support more than 90 community... more
The board of directors of the Northwest Chapter of the Victorian Society in America will host two major events in 2010. Victorian Grand Ball on May 1st and a Candlelight Christmas Tour of Homes the first weekend in December. Plans for the organization to continue the popular Victorian Festival in 2010 were cancelled last December due to the downturn in the economy and a lack of financial support from some of its regular sponsors.  "Board members feel that two smaller individual... more
1848: Women’s Rights Convention at Seneca Falls 1871: Susan B. Anthony visits Washington Territory 1910: Washington women win the right to vote 1912: Oregon women win the right to vote 1920: Passage of the 19th Amendment guarantees all American women the right to vote 1977: International Women’s Year Conference at Ellensburg  Be part of the next great moment in women’s... more
SHB 2704, moves the Main Street Program from the Department of Commerce to the Department of Archeology and Historic Preservation and maintains the core functions of this important economic development program that provides downtown revitalization services to more than 90 community organizations across the state. The budget for the program is still uncertain and efforts to retain adequate funding will be an important effort during the closing days of the 2010 legislative session.  A... more
The Washington state Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (DAHP) is seeking nominations for the 20th Annual Awards for Outstanding Achievements in Historic Preservation.  This awards program recognizes persons, organizations, and projects that have achieved distinction in the field of historic preservation.  Award recipients will be recognized at a ceremony held during National Historic Preservation Month, May 2010.  The ceremony is sponsored by the Washington Trust for Historic... more
The Director of the National Park Service has formally approved the proposal of the Nooksack Indian Tribe to assume certain State Historic Preservation Officer duties within tribal trust lands in Washington.  The Tribe has assumed formal responsibility for review of Federal undertakings pursuant to Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act.  The Tribe's Historic Preservation Officer is Mr. George Swanaset, Jr.   The Nooksack Tribe's agreement brings the total number of active... more
The Main Street Bill (
Historic Landscape... more
  Give a listen to this National Public Radio report broadcasted on Tuesday regarding a new $1 million home in Santa Monica goes all out in being a "green" building to meet California's new sustainable building codes. But preservationists will appreciate comments made by Linda Dishamn, Executive Director of the LA Conservancy, not to mention the Santa Monica green building official and the home owner's recycling of the home that was demolished. ... more


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