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Event Cancelled Due to Weather! Redmond at the end of the Ice Age – Native American Settlement at the Bear Creek Site October 15, 2016 – 1-3pm The Bear Creek site, located in the heart of the City of Redmond, is the oldest excavated archaeological site with stone tools in Western Washington. It was first identified in 2008 during a routine environmental survey for a City habitat restoration project, and since then it has generated a wealth of information... more
On Sunday October 2, Seattle Public Utilities is offering a walking tour of the Cedar Falls Townsite, which is normally off-limits to the public. It’s a wonderful opportunity for people learn about the rich history behind bringing water and power to the people of King County for more than 100 years. Registration is limited so sign up now! more
This year marks the 50th anniversary of the signing of the National Historic Preservation Act by President Lynden Johnson on October 15, 1966. Washington SHPO Allyson Brooks will be hosting a program on Saturday afternoon, October 15, 2016 in Everett. We will be gathering in Everett as the home to Senator Henry Jackson, who played a large role in the passage of the Act. Check the blog for more information as details development. We look forward to seeing you there.
Hello Everyone! There is a lot to talk about today. First, you may have noticed that we have deployed new features for Wisaard. This includes the print function and the new archaeology site form and TCP template. I have a brief printing tutorial up and will have an Archy site form tutorial up shortly. Check the website in the coming days. Also, we have dates set for... more
Hello out there! As you have noticed, the new Wisaard features have not launched yet. We apologize for the delay and are working as hard as we can to get them ready. Keep heading to the website for the most updated info. Q: Why don't the colors for the archaeology predictive model on the map match what is in the legend? A: The colors actually do match, the issue is that the layer... more
Reconnaissance-Level Architectural History Survey of Downtown Olympia The City of Olympia seeks the services of a qualified consultant to conduct a reconnaissance-level survey of Downtown Olympia.  This survey will be used to help support the City of Olympia’s master planning efforts under its Downtown Strategy, which integrates areas such as economic development, land use planning, social services, climate change response, and preservation planning.  In additional to... more
registrationThis year's event has been expanded to 1.5 days of presentations and work sessions.  Through a collective partnership, this information packed workshop, including a continental breakfast and catered lunch is just $25 per person as long as you register in advance. The workshop begins on... more
SnohomishTrail_EventsGrab your walking shoes, hop on a bike - or put the kids in the stroller and make your way down the Centennial Trail, Sept 10th from 11a.m. – 3p.m. to learn local history along the former tribal route and early-century transportation corridor. The Snohomish County Historic Preservation Commission and local heritage organizations will offer... more
Monday greetings to you all! It's time for another installment of As the Wisaard Turns (cue cheesy music)! Sorry I missed last week, I was a little under the weather.

Wisaard will be down on Wednesday, August 31 for software updates. This is happy news.

Q: When are the next Wisaard updates going to happen? We've waited so patiently and you said it was going to be done last week! A: Thursday September, 1! Yes... more

The Cultural Resources Technical Proposal Coordinator is responsible for developing a range of proposal content that meets Requests for Proposal (RFP) compliance. The Technical Proposal Coordinator develops proposal content in coordination with the Principal Investigator.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND JOB FUNCTIONS: Reviews and interprets RFP requirements to develop comprehensive, compliant proposal outlines and templates. ...

The Downtown Walla Walla Foundation is seeking an Executive Director. The Executive Director reports on a monthly basis directly to the Downtown Foundation Board that consists of thirteen (13) members of the Walla Walla community. The Executive Director supervises the staff of three as well as any part-time staff or volunteers who do work for the DWWF. The Executive Director maintains records and reports for the DWWF, establishes technical resource files and libraries, participates in personnel... more
Q: What is the best way to search for a person to add to the Project Contacts?  A: We suggest that you  search by last name only. Simply type the last name in the Find People to Associate field in Project Contacts and the system will provide options for you to choose from. If a person is not in the system, you will not be able to add them. Only DAHP staff can add people to Wisaard. Q: I am trying to submit my EZ-2 and Wisaard keeps... more
Federal Advisory Council on Historic Preservation releases guidance about Section 304 of the National Historic Preservation Act and Section 9 of the Archaeological Resources Protection Act which can protect sensitive information about historic properties and archaeological resources. Details   more
Hi All, time for another installment of Wisaard Q... more
IMG_20160723_141102             Timber Barons and Stately Manors There is some very lovely architecture in Aberdeen. Here is your chance to see it up close! Take a tour guided by local residents. more
Washington State Parks was recently awarded a grant from the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT) to evaluate protective treatments for Western Red Cedar Shingle and Shake roofs. The grant award is $29,400. Ten grants were awarded to a wide range of planning and research projects across the country. Congrats to State Parks! More information about the NCPTT
We are pleased to announce the celebration of October as Washington State Archaeology Month.    Please see our  public service announcement and feel free to share with others.  As your local media outlet to run it on your local TV station.
During this special time, we promote a... more
Greetings! I was on vacation last week so there was no post. I had a lovely time in the Canadian Rockies. Saw two grizzly bears! Good stuff. Kim Q: Where is Ranch on the historic property inventory form styles menu? A: DAHP  categorizes Ranch as a Form/Type, not a style. A Ranch form can have many different styles. A Ranch that has no particular stylistic features is just a Ranch form, leave the style field blank or use No Style. If it is a Ranch that has... more


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